My Blue Period

Girls are ready to punch

The first public installation CHAMP by Zoe Buckman will be exhibited at the Hollywood Standard from February 27th 2018. The large structure depicts (using neon lights) a uterus at the ends of which, in place of the ovaries, two Everlast gloves appear. The sculpture of the famous londonese artist is kinetic and will rotate allowing the viewer to admire her feminine power emphasized by the use of boxing gloves, normally symbolizing masculinity.
It is impossible not to notice the particular contrast that is created between this sculpture so deliberately in favor of women and the area in which the exhibition will take place, Sunset strip, which is today well known for the great number of advertisements promoting women and their sexuality as an object.


The artist Zoë Buckman was born in East London, more precisely in Hackney, on September 13, 1985. She is an artist working on multiple disciplines such as sculpture, photography, embroidery and installation. Her work analyzes themes of feminism and equality.



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