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Diesel is opening a fake-not-so-fake store in Chinatown


If you are a New Yorker or if you have had the pleasure of visiting the city, you will certainly know the area of Chinatown, well notable for its great number of typical restaurants and imitation clothing stores. Canal street is daily visited by tourists and locals interested in buying the latest fashion news but without having to worry about expensive prices. But from today there is one more reason to visit it: the new fake-not-so-fake store from Diesel.
Yes, you heard it well. Diesel is opening a new bootleg shop in one of the holes of Chinatown selling the spring/summer season 2018. The real one.
“The unsuspecting shoppers” said the Company “probably did not realize then, but the items they bought at the Deisel store were actually one-of-a kind pieces specially crafted by the Diesel design team disguised with fake Deisel branding”.

Deisel, that’s the name of the store, will sell sweatshirts, caps, T-shirts, and the irreplaceable denim, all marked by the incorrect Diesel logo.


Official Video from the YouTube Diesel page


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