My Blue Period

The dad shoes are the new thing!

Do you remember those old and chunky sneakers your dad used to wear to go to the gym? That ugly pair of shoes you tried once as a joke and you promised yourself not to wear anymore? Well, maybe it’s time to ask papa to recover those old shoes in the basement. The Dad shoes are back!
We had not seen them since the 90s or 00’s, but here they are again on the catwalks being THE THING, driving everyone crazy!

The coolest sneaker of the moment is, no doubt, the Balenciaga triple S, so called because the sole, composed by three different levels, look like three separete styles stacked on one another. Although this is not really my style, this new shoe, I must admit, is really a success. The biggest icons of street fashion today are wearing them.
Furthermore, once the design of the triple s sneaker has been successful and viral, all the other brands, from those known as gucci to those of fast fashion like zara, have presented similar models.

Something I find absolutely interesting in fashion today, is the increasing influence of street culture on the production of the biggest luxury brands.
Historical brands, such as Balenciaga for example, that have always been associated with high fashion and elegance, are abbandoning their traditions to embrace a younger and more dynamic culture. A piece as particular as that of the triple s sneaker, immediately becomes highly recognized anywhere in the world. Everyone knows it, everyone instagrams it, everybody wears it or wants to wear it. As a consequence, even the most profane and the least interested in high fashion know the Balenciaga brand.

Personally, as a fashion lover in his best years, I’m not enthusiastic about the changes in terms of style that many companies are bringing to their collections. But, there is a but, I must objectively say that never before, many brands are becoming known on a large scale and appreciate from the young generations that seem, however, to be very excited about these novelties.

best-sneaker-2017-balenciaga-triple-sBalenciaga Triple S sneakers.

gucci_cr18-rhyton-leather-sneakers1Gucci Rython leather sneakers.


LV sneakers.

Luka SabbatLuka Sabbat in Balenciaga.

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