My Blue Period

The Row under the influence of Isamu Noguchi

There are soft and delicate coats. There are Japanese canapés offered to the guests. And there are sculptures by Isamu Noguchi scattered around the hall. These are the components for the incredible fashion show of The Row for the fall/winter 2018.

About Isamu Noguchi

Isamu Noguchi was, during the twentieth century, one of the most important creative and innovative sculptors. One of the main characteristics of the sculptor was undoubtedly the ability to experiment: he was one the first artists to design sculptures an art pieces that could be used in pubblic spaces. He created sculptures, he projected gardens, designed furniture and incredible lamps. Another peculiarity of Isamu Noguchi’s work is the use and combination of materials and ideas coming from his American and Japanese background. The result is a peaceful, almost tranquilizing art, strongly abstracted but elegant in lines.


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Isamu Noguchi; 'Atomic Haystack', 1982 – 84

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