My Blue Period

Molly Goddard just wanna have fun!


Do you remember those films in which the protagonists, bored by a party they thought was memorable, take refuge in the kitchen of some known-hotel or restaurant to eat and keep drinking? Well, from here starts the idea of the set design of the ready-to-wear winter 2018 of Molly Goddard. We find ourselves in the middle of an industrial kitchen: on the one hand we have pots, plates and cutted vegetables, on the other one the beautiful party-ladies of the queen of the London fashion week. The typical Goddard’s girl ,indeed, is one that madly loves parties, being rebellious but without giving up being a little frivolous. The collection designed for the 2018/19 winter, however, wants to slightly differentiate itself from the previous year. In fact the clothes of the last show had categorized the Goddard as a designer of the “girly”, without paying attention to the attitude of the models. There is a lot of difference in wearing a tulle dress with a sneakers rather than a heel and with a bon-ton attitude. “I don’t think there’s anything wrong with being girly, but that’s often misunderstood to mean prim or wishy-washy,” Goddard said “It’s very boring being put in that pretty bracket… sometimes people see an image, but they don’t see the girl who’s wearing it and the attitude that she has. So this time, I wanted to make clothes with attitude.” So, the new collection wants to propose itself as a more mature one, focused on the party appearance of the girls: colorful pantyhose with thousand of patterns, crazy fantasies, translucidie materials and crop tops.

Molly Goddard’s design is definitely a turning point: she talks us about normal girls who just want to have fun, self-confident girls who have no problem hiding in a kitchen to eat junk food with a tulle dress. How can we not love them?








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